Tax back on Napo subscriptions

3 cartoon (2)Give yourself an early Christmas present and be sure to CLAIM YOURS?

Many Napo members already claim tax relief on their Napo subscriptions. However, there are still a significant number of members who did not know they could claim.  As we head towards Christmas every penny counts. So now would be the ideal time to claim and help beat the of the cost of living crisis affecting us all.
As a Napo member you are entitled to tax relief on your Napo subscriptions. This is because Napo is recognised by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a professional association, so the amount you pay in subscriptions can be added to your tax allowance. For those paying tax at the basic rate (currently 20%) the average saving is about £40 every year.

Claiming tax relief on your Napo subscriptions is straight-forward, and easy!

You must make a claim within a specified time limit for the tax year that you’re claiming for – the time you’ve got depends on whether you’ve previously sent in a Self-Assessment tax return.

For further information on how to get tax relief for your Napo subscriptions please visit HM Revenue and Customs website.

Alternatively, please contact the Membership Section at Napo Head Office on for a Napo Tax Pack which includes a model letter to send to HMRC.

Cartoon by Fran


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