Changes at Edridge – but good work continues

10 Karl_formal_croppedI am sorry to tell members that Karl Deakin, Secretary to the Fund, will be leaving us at the end of August. Karl took up the post at the end of 2012 and since then has been an enormous asset to us, his first priority being to undertake a review and revision of the governance of the Fund. In particular he has completed a critical piece of work in bringing our Trust Deed up to date in line with Charity Commission guidance.

Karl has also assisted the Trustees by creating a framework for the meetings structure that ensures all our responsibilities are timetabled throughout the year. Karl alerted the Trustees to an issue with our tern logo, and it has now been registered as a trademark so our continued use is protected. He has also led a review of our policies and grant making processes, all of which have been important areas of work.

Karl’s contribution has been very much appreciated by the Trustees and staff and he will be sorely missed. The process of recruitment for a new Secretary is in hand and we hope to conduct interviews in early August.

10 David_edited10 Jeanne PeallAlso, after a period of over seven years, David Cox is handing over the role of Treasurer to Jeanne Peall. David has provided meticulous reporting and advice to the Trustees throughout his period in the post and on behalf of the Trustees I want to give our sincere thanks to both Karl and David for their work on behalf of the Edridge Fund. David will continue to act as Business Officer for us, and we are grateful to Jeanne for agreeing to take over as Treasurer.

Anne King
Chair of Trustees



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