Why read the Morning Star

The Morning Star is the only paper that actively campaigns for working-class politics. The only paper that reports accurately on strikes and industrial disputes. The only paper that supports the People’s Assembly and reports authoritatively on what is happening in Cuba, Palestine, Ukraine and elsewhere.

The Star, which is 85 this year, offers a unique, non-sectarian perspective on national and international industrial and political issues, not offered by the mainstream media. We are a reader-owned co-operative, supported by a range of trades unions.

No other daily newspaper carries such a range of voices from the left — trade union leaders and activists, left Labour MPs and the Communist Party,  the Stop the War Coalition, the anti-fascist campaigns Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism, the Green Party and more. We also feature distinctive arts and sports coverage unavailable elsewhere.

The Morning Star is different because it is owned by its readers. We are the paper of the labour movement, in a very real sense, telling the stories of working-class struggle the other papers ignore.

Discount for Napo members

Order your copy at any retailer selling newspapers or you can buy the e-edition, which is available as a pdf or app (on both Android and iOS Apple devices). This is currently available via a special offer for Napo members giving you a 50% reduction. Go to https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/subscribe and enter one of the following voucher codes: NAPOOFFER-ANNUAL or NAPOOFFER-MONTHLY




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