#NQ3 ‘Better Regulation’: Better for whom?

In April Napo attended The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies Briefing launch: ‘Better Regulation’: Better for whom? where Professor Steve Tombs introduced his new findings that place the spotlight on the lack of effective local government regulation of pollution, food safety and workplace health and safety standards in the UK.

Professor Tombs explained that an estimated 29,000 deaths each year in the UK are attributable to the effects of airborne pollution. Some one million cases of foodborne illness in the UK each year results in 20,000 hospital admissions and 500 deaths. Around
50,000 people die each year as a result of injuries or health problems originating in
the workplace. These staggering figures are probably underestimates.

Yet the rate of inspection and enforcement actions for environmental pollution, food hygiene, and workers’ health and safety have all been falling. Tombs explained that these are “avoidable business-generated, state facilitated violence: social murder. And, quite
remarkably, it proceeds, daily – met only by academic, political and popular silence”.


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