#NQ5 Campaigning: new year – new committee

January saw Napo’s campaigning committee meet for the first time this year at HQ’s brand new offices.

Two new members – Terry Wilson (elected chair) and Tina Williams (link officer) –now sit alongside existing committee members Guy Tilbury; Jill Narin (vice chair) and Tania Basset (link official) to deliver on the motions passed at 2016’s AGM.

Like most of Napo’s committees, campaigning has felt the pressure of limited financial resources and time available to carry out union activities. Social media and secure messaging services will be used to allow committee members to communicate more effectively with each other and the wider Napo membership.

In the meantime, hard work has already begun on carrying out conference’s instructions which include: TR not Working, Workloads and Support for a TR reversal campaign.

There are still vacancies on the committee and members are encouraged to join. The campaigning committee is the place to be if you want to fight for your profession, your rights and your jobs. Contact tburke@napo.org.uk if you would like to get involved.


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