#NQ5 Edridge

When I spoke at Napo AGM last year I was struck by how many people came up to me and said how  Edridge had helped them when they faced challenges that seemed overwhelming. I offered to publicise the work of Edridge more widely, given that support from colleagues is needed now more than ever. So here goes with the first of my quarterly roundups!

Trustee Vacancy: We need a Board Secretary for the Fund. Visit www.edridgefund.org for details. We can’t continue without one.

Fundraising news: Recent great efforts include a London Branch quiz night where over £500 was raised – clearly a very brainy lot! Thames Valley Branch also held a cake sale.

Members of the Four Shires Branch are planning to slide down the longest slide in Europe at the Olympic Park. Please contact the Edridge Office if you’d like to join up with the Four Shires Branch when they do it and make it a mass Edridge event.

Let us know if your Branch has any ideas for fundraising events – we can support you with sponsor forms, t-shirts and the JustGiving details to allow you to collect online.

Talking of which, we are taking forward plans to have an Edridge special week of fundraising in June/July of this year when we will try to co-ordinate activity between branches with different events all on the same day. I’ll keep you posted.

Donations always welcome: There are many different ways you can support the Edridge Fund apart from organising fundraising events. The most popular ways of donating are:

  • The 50/50 lottery: costs just £12 per year and you could win up to £120 each
  • Payroll giving: if you work for the NPS or Some CRCs offer this too. Contact me for details.
  • Regular standing order: just fill in your details on the Edridge website www.edridgefund.org
  • JustGiving: one off gifts, see the We have recently received

£500 from an anonymous retired Napo member which was really encouraging for us.

Help we’ve given to applicants recently: Edridge applications come in all shapes and sizes, for all sort of challenges including:

  • £350 for a new boiler to a lone parent PSO
  • £300 to help with counselling for someone with breast cancer
  • £400 to a PO on sick leave who was moving onto nil pay whilst an application for early retirement dragged

Please consider applying if you are in hardship and think we could help out, or mention us to a colleague who is in difficulty. Details on the website or from your Edridge Rep.

Charlotte Dunkley
Chair of Trustees






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