#NQ5 Free access to Probation Journal online for Napo members

Napo members have free online access to the Probation Journal and full access to SAGE’s Criminology and Criminal Justice catalogue. This provides members with on-line access to 26 criminal justice journals on-line for free and includes titles such as:

  • Youth Justice
  • Race and Justice
  • The Prison Journal
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Journal of Drug Issues
  • Sexual Abuse Journal
  • European Journal of Probation

This is an excellent benefit to us as a professional body, and can provide a valuable resource for practitioners, staff and managers. It is also another good reason for practitioners undertaking probation training qualifications to join Napo.

Access to the Probation Journal and other SAGE publications can be accessed via the Napo website www.napo.org.uk. Members will need to log into the secure members-only area  of the Napo website using membership login in details, then click  on  ‘Publications’  and  full  information  about  how to access the Probation Journal content (and the other titles) via SAGE Journals is given. Once you have set up an account with Sage Journals you will then be able to access this site directly. Many articles in the Probation Journal are published on-line in advance of being published in the hard copy. Registering via the Sage Journal website for email alerts is a good way of keeping up-to-date with new articles that have been published, or you can register for email alerts about the content of the current edition. Email alerts are available for any of the Journals in the Criminology catalogue and is a great way of finding out what has been published in the journals you are interested in as soon as they are published.

You can also follow the Probation Journal via twitter (@ProbationJnl) and receive information about forthcoming articles or special editions, access to the Editorial ahead of the hard copy being published and lots more. Look out for information in future editions of NQ about the Probation Journal including, ways practitioners can get involved, writing for the publication and practitioner response pieces.

Emma Cluley
Managing Editor
Probation Journal

Email: Prbjournal@btinternet.com
Twitter: @ProbationJnl
eb: http://prb.sagepub.com/


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