#NQ7: Edridge has a new website

We have pleasure in confirming that since Monday 17 July, the new Edridge website has been up and running. There are still a few pages we need to complete, but the most important sections are finished, in particular information about Edridge, ways in which we can help, and donations. There is also full information about our Trustees and staff, including a section seeking applications for new Trustees.

The site has a bright modern design, and the Trustees have followed the example of many other charities in terms of its graphic design. We have also stripped the site down to make it less complicated, and navigation is easy. The site is also now compatible with smartphones and tablets. There are also separate donation “buttons” for one off donations or regular payments. A great deal has been done by our web designers to include images of diversity, though that is still work in progress.

However, one of the most advanced features of the site is that it is now possible for applicants to make on line applications, which means that applicants can now make an application using a smartphone or tablet, in addition to using a laptop or desktop computer. When people make an online application they get a pdf copy of their application emailed back to them, for their own records. In fact we have already received two applications using this system. Applicants can still download our “traditional” application form if they prefer.

David Cox
Edridge Fund Business Officer & Financial  Administrator 


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