#NQ7: let’s talk about racism – TUC interim report

The TUC has published the interim findings of a self-report survey of more than 5,000 working people in Britain.

The report reveals that many respondents had experienced racial harassment, violence, bullying and had seen racist material in the workplace.

The TUC findings also show that many BAME workers were less likely to formally raise issues of racism with their employers – preferring to speak to family and friends instead. This was particularly true of female respondents. Most cited a lack of confidence in their employer dealing with their complaints satisfactorily. Worse still, many feared being seen as troublemakers or being forced out of their jobs.

One of the most striking revelations was the high number of BAME women reporting the impact that racism at work had on their mental health and levels of stress. Higher numbers of BAME women than men reported taking sick leave or resigning because of discrimination.

In response to the results of the survey, the TUC has issued recommendations including a refresh of workplace policies around racial discrimination; greater protection for staff from abuse from customers, contractors and service users; and acknowledging the important role government and trade unions have in combating institutional racism in the workplace.

To read the report in full visit:



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