#NQ7: Pension, PAYE and tax errors: have you been affected?

Napo has uncovered systematic pension, PAYE and tax processing errors in the NPS and some CRCs thought to be as a result of Shared Services’ introduction of a Single Operating Platform in February used to handle payroll and human resources transactions.

The full number of staff who have been impacted is still unknown – but the NPS has confirmed anyone who has had any changes made to their salary since February are likely to be affected.

How do I find out if I have a problem?

Step one: do I fall into one of the affected groups?

The problem is thought to include (but not necessarily limited to) people who have had changes made to their salaries since February 2017. This includes sessional workers, those working overtime, people on maternity or paternity leave, anyone who has received sick pay and staff who have been promoted.
If you do not fall into any of the groups above, it is still worth following steps two to four.

Step two: check your payslips

Compare your most recent payslips paying attention to pension contributions. If they do not appear on your payslip or there are variances, there could be an issue.

Step three: make sure your pension contributions are correct

Use your payslips to identify how much you get paid before any deductions and multiply this number by 12 to calculate your expected annual salary. Check you are making the correct pensions contribution for the amount you are earning.

Step four: check your pension statement

Whether or not you think you have been affected, and if you are a member of the LGPS, please check your annual pension statement which we understand you should receive by 5 September.

Step five: raising any concerns you may have

  • Email your line manager to register a concern about your pension contributions. It is the employer’s responsibility to resolve the problem. Your local Napo rep and Napo HQ will not be able to resolve individual cases.
  • Contact GMPF on 0161 301 7000 with your concerns. This will support your claim should you need to go to the Pensions Ombudsman.
  • Notify your local Napo rep that you have taken the steps above so they can keep Napo up to date with any trends and developments.

In the meantime, if your employer asks you to make extra payments, do not do so until speaking to Napo. Your union is currently seeking advice whether any shortfalls can be met from the Secretary of State’s Fund.

Napo is currently in the process of challenging the employers collectively for you, and the NPS has announced it is investigating the issues raised.

To read this guidance in full please visit https://www.napo.org.uk/advice-remembers-regarding-pension-pay-and-tax-errors


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