#NQ7: Tony Hammes

Tony Hammes – Mercia Branch sadly passed away on 7 September after a long battle against bowel cancer.

Tony had been a member of Napo for 41 years. His career covered Gloucester, Oxford and then West Mercia Probation Trust where he worked until his retirement 4 years ago.

Tony was an active Napo member as an NEC rep, representing members, JNCC rep and membership secretary. He attended AGM every year until he became to unwell to do so. He may well be best remembered for speaking against a motion presented of “No Confidence in Chris Grayling”. With horror the Mercia branch watched as Tony walked to the opposing lectern. Boos from the auditorium rang out as he stepped up to speak against the motion. With his usual flair and drama his opening line included the words: “I have every confidence in Chris Grayling” which was met with a sharp intake of breath before with  dramatic delivery he proceeded to outline every confidence he had in Chris Grayling making a complete shambles of TR and ruining probation. He always had a way of easing tensions and making people smile and on this occasion he had the room on their knees. The mounting anger and tension in the room vanquished by his eloquence and humour.

Tony was much loved by his branch and members across Napo. He was dedicated to the trade union movement and LGBT and was active in LAGIP for many years. Fluent in sign language, passionate about the arts and a lover of walking and skiing –  there was no end to his love for life. He will be sorely missed but he certainly had a full and wonderful life.

 Tania Bassett



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